Monday, 20 December 2010

A Song for Christmas

I'm very much looking forward to going up to Scotland for Xmas with the g/f's family next week, that's assuming we get there of course what with this rancourous weather, where I have pantomime trips, whiskey tasting and the traditional blasting of birds out of the sky with a double-barelled shotgun (if my conscience allows me) to look forward to.

Let me leave you to enjoy the rest of your 2010 with a song.

According to a TV programme I just watched, this is the most viewed clip on Youtube of the last year with over 60 million hits.

In order for it to make sense you need to be a little patient since the first couple of minutes of the video below explains the background to the song.
It involves a young and slightly peculiar looking man named Antoine Dodson, who in my opinion bears an uncanny likeness to the footballer Ronaldinho albeit slightly less buck of tooth, and who was being interviewed for the news after a burglar attempted to rape his sister. Yes, serious stuff.
Anyway, the clip went 'viral', a song was conjured up by some hi-tech information technology wizard and the rest, as they say, is history: