Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Happy New Year!

So it's goodbye 2010, goodbye MMX, goodbye 5771 (if you're Jewish) goodbye 1431 (if you're Muslim), goodbye the 'Year of the Tiger' (if you're Chinese, 'Sayonara' 2010 (if you're Japanese) and 'good riddance' if you're me....which you're not, I am.

To be honest 2010 was a pretty decent one for me, I completed Call of Duty Black Ops in three days, I learnt how to count to ten in Austrian...or do I mean German?....oh, and I met the loveliest person I've ever clapped eyes on in all of my sorry little life.

So what else have we discovered during the last 365* days?

We've discovered that:
  1. Orange+blue wins more seats than red
  2. You can't plug a leaking oil well with golf balls
  3. Volcanic ash in Iceland can strand people in Crete
  4. England are still crap at football
  5. Kim Jong Il has an itchy trigger finger
  6. Anne Widdecombe can't dance very well
  7. The 'Special Relationship' between the UK and the US is showing cracks
  8. You can write bullett points on blogger
  9. 'Julian' can refer to both a malcontented, middle-aged, prematurely greying blogger (I thank you) and a malcontented middle-aged, prematurely greying distributor of classified state secrets
  10. James Corden, for some reason totally unbeknownst to me, is still popular
I also recently discovered that my former blue-rinse English teacher, Christopher Jeffries (pictured), or as I used to call him - 'Mr Jeffries' - has just been arrested for murder in Bristol.

I sincerely hope that he's innocent.

Meanwhile I was also happy to see that Antoine Dodson (see the post below this) had quite a monumental year. So much so, that he was invited by US TV to attend the Times Square 'Ball Drop' to herald in the New Year. Rumour has it that Antoine is never happier than when large spherical objects are in his line of vision.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2011!

* Not counting the last 2 days