Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hu's In The House

The most pertinent point that I can make about the current Chinese President - other than waffling on about human rights abuses, the building up of a military arsenal in South East Asia, progressive economy yadda yadda - is that his name is clearly a headline writer's dream.

I could quite easily have gone for 'Hu's sorry now', perhaps in reference to his humble rhetoric concerning China's treatment of political dissidents.

Or on a more bizarre tangent I might have chosen 'Hu's on first base?' or possibly even 'Hu let the dogs out'. However I believe that Bo, the First Dog and one who is very much part of the Obama household, has not been let out and remains confined to the East Wing.

Anyway, enough of all this nonsense relating to the moniker of China's head honcho (just as well he isn't a doctor), Hu Jintao is currently in the States at the behest of Prez Obama and arrives hot on the heels (internally elevated) of Nicolas Sarkozy. Am I to assume that America has shuffled the pack once again and has yet another new best friend.

We in Britain really are being swiftly shunted down the pecking order in terms of the 'Special Relationship'

I don't really have anything articulate or sapient to say about this meeting of two of the world's Superpowers, I just wanted to shoehorn in some puns at the top of the page.