Friday, 7 January 2011

Reply - Linford Christie

So it's a pretty good start to 2011, as Linford Christie (pictured) has become the latest from my pre-arranged list of 500 British Celebrities as voted for by you, le publique, on Facebook, to agree to sign the 'Jack for Barack'©.

As you can see he is a fine figure of a man although I might add that I have a very similar body to his in that picture. When I say that, I mean that I, like Linford, have two arms and a head attached to a torso.

I personally have a lot of time for the man since, although not necessarily sharing his views on gender roles, or should I say if sharing them, keeping very quiet about it, he is an absolute legend who won this great country of ours an Olympic gold.

In an even sterner test of his character he recently managed to not only eat a kangroo's anus (if my memory serves me), but he also endured more than two weeks, yes TWO WEEKS! in the company of Gillian McKeith.

Well having flown back from the jungles of Queensland, which are now no doubt under 65ft of water, he is back teaching at Brunel University....I think it's quantum mechanics.

An email freshly received from Charlie of Linford's 'Nuff Respect agency stated:

"Hi Jules,

Linford would like to sign the Union Jack and is available to sign it at Brunel University.

If you would like to e-mail me back with a date and time suitable for you to get there I will try to get something arranged.

Kind Regards


So yes what a star, a gent and a scholar. Perhaps he might give me some tips on how to jog more than 10 metres without buggering up my knee joints.

I shall keep you updated....

P.S. sorry about the splint infinitive in paragraph 4.